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        Shanghai Chenhua Science Technology Corp., Ltd.

        Shanghai Chenhua Science Technology Corp., Ltd. (the former Shanghai Chenhua Electric Furnace Co., Ltd.) established in Jun. 2003, is Shanghai Hi-tech Innovative Enterprise (Certificate No. GR201931001246) which specializes in producing industrial electric furnace. It is one of the most powerful enterprises producing the vacuum industrial furnace. Headquarters lies in Huangdu Town Shanghai, two subsidiaries respectively are Zhejiang Chenhua Technology Co., Ltd. with RMB 10 million registered capital and Shanghai Chenan Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. with RMB 500 thousand registered capital. Nowadays Chenhua has more than 100 employees. Senior management staff and main technicians come from the former Shanghai State-Owned Furnace Factory. So far, Chenhua gained 2 pieces invention patents, and more than 10 pieces practical invention patents. Averagely, every year applies for 3 pieces patents to do scientific innovation. Chenhua already completed 2 pieces scientific technical innovative projects from Shanghai Science & Technology Committee, and executed a scientific technical innovative project from Chinese Science Technology Ministry (Project No. 12C26253102136). In order to do the efficient management and information sharing between headquarters and subsidiaries, Chenhua is successful in making use of ERP managing software system. So gradually Chenhua has set up modern enterprise management system, which enormously promotes the improvement of efficiency and the distributing system of information resource. Quality is the life of Chenhua which attaches great importance on the quality. Implementing the overall quality management according to ISO quality system, a professional quality team was built at Chenhua to conduct quality inspection, quality analysis and quality control. Under the help of these tools: Inspection Apparatus of Artificial Aging Voltage Insulation Tester, Material Resistance Test Device, Fast Hardness Tester and Laser Straightness Tester etc., Quality control division effectively does the work of quality management. Outstanding quality enables Chenhua to earn the projects from aviation, spaceflight and sophisticated weapons industries. It is the fine quality that gets the laboratories from most of Chinese Science & Engineering Universities, and Scientific Research Institutes to use Chenhua vacuum furnaces to do the experiments. In order to complete the technology and industry upgrading, vacuum furnaces from Chenhua assist a lot of industrial and mining enterprises to fulfill the goal. And what’s more, an exhibit of Sodium Sulfur Storage Battery was shown on 2010 Shanghai World Expo, its key ceramic connection was researched and made by Chenhua. Our objective is to make the best electric furnace in China!


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          Rm. 603 Laiying building No.488 Luyuan Rd. Huangdu industrial park Shanghai China 201805
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          Sales line:86-018918640872

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